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June 26, 2016 
Susan on The Tors

Hiked into the Tors on June 25th. It was a terrific hike with a bit of snow and melt water for the dogs closer to the area of the Tors. The difficult rating seems to relate more to the trip length than the demands of the terrain. When we hiked out, we came across a clearer route down (although our ... Read More

June 25, 2016 
Marc on Dail Peak

This was definitely the most challenging hike so far, but the most rewarding. I parked at the yellow gate (precisely 23.5 km after the Carcross bridge) at 9 am and was back at 3:30 pm after spending 1 hour on the summit. The trail described here was really accurate. You follow the defined old mi... Read More

June 25, 2016 
Marc on Brute Mountain

Did this June 23rd and parked at the 8 km point where the first washout is. I started around 4 pm and it took me 6 hours round trip. This was my 4th attempt on Brute Mountain. I had previously tried twice in September 2015, and once earlier in June this year. All three times, the summit was foggy, c... Read More

June 20, 2016 
Bob on Nares Mountain

Hiked up Nares Ridge on Sunday June 19, 2016. A beautiful sunny day, but windy. Got to the top after 2 hours. We then turned north and headed over to the true summit of Mt Nares, the middle of the three mountains in the distance north. It looks far but is less than 3 km distant. Dropped down 200 met... Read More

June 19, 2016 
Ben on Mount Skukum

Water was very high at the Wheaton River crossing at 43km and the bridge is still out. Biked the 12km to the trailhead (650m elevation gain) then did a big loop around the north side and up the west ridge. From the west, was able to ascend to about 5 meters below the summit (no gear), but the last ... Read More

June 14, 2016 
David Smith on Grizzly Lake

Completed a round-trip hike from Grizzly Lake trailhead on Dempster Highway (km 58.5) to Grizzly Lake via Grizzly Ridge today (June 13, 2016). Some snow but passable, sank knee deep in several locations but trail was easy to locate given the excellent work the trail maintenance crew has done on this... Read More

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Latest Trail Update

Mount Martha Black

Distance: 36 km
Elevation Gain: 1705 m (5594 ft)
Time: 16 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

Mount Martha Black is the highest peak within the Auriol Range, accessed via the Auriol Trail. This route is an excellent entry level mountaineering trip with varied terrain and a variety of skills required - glacier travel and up to Class 5 scrambling (rope, harnesses and helmets a must). It's a fair distance to cover (both horizontally and vertically), best completed with overnight stays in the beautiful alpine flower covered plateau.

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