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May 25, 2019 
Peter on Golden Horn

Hiked it on the 24th of may. The trail was nearly free of snow, just a few patches close to the summit, which you can circumnavigate easily. Be aware of some muddy parts,i wpuld recommend proper hiking shoes to avoid wet feed. Once on the top you get nice views, i personally think it's worth to st... Read More

May 24, 2019 
Annie Cloutier on Spirit Canyon

Hiked it today, beautiful and easy, even with a baby on my back! We lost a bit the trail on our way back, but the forest is not thick and it was easy to find the road. The trailhead is not super clear, you do have to kinda guess the trail for the first 100 meters, then it becomes obvious. Here's a p... Read More

May 22, 2019 
Cata on King's Throne

Hike it today with the dog(may 22), beauty day and just one other person :) Beautiful as always Read More

May 21, 2019 
Mike on Sturgill's Landing

A nice hike over Victoria Day weekend. Quite busy with cruise ship passengers as far as Lower Dewey Lake. I would agree with Leah's comment below. With two older kids it was closer to 3 hours each way, including the usual stops and distractions. The "easy" rating is very misleading and likely re... Read More

May 20, 2019 
Sarah on Ibex Ridge

This is not really a trail... be prepared to bushwack and find your own route. 5 hours is modest, for even experienced hikers. Spectacular views.  Read More

May 20, 2019 
Shailyn on Kujo Ridge

Hiked this yesterday. New trail for me. I really enjoyed it. We were able to find the start of the trail through the forest pretty well. Seems like someone put out some flagging tape, which really helped. That quickly disappeared, but was useful. We went up to the viewpoint, thinking that was only p... Read More

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Latest Trail Update

Paint Mountain

Distance: 4 km
Elevation Gain: 714 m (2343 ft)
Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

A very steep hike with rewarding views of Pine Lake and the Kluane Front Ranges. There is some infrastructure at the top including a heli-pad, fire-lookout tower, and various communication towers.

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