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July 8, 2024
Ethan on Auriol Peak
Summit July 8 2024. Good conditions, up to the saddle requires a choice of loose scrambling vs snow so pick your poison. Snow climb is to the right and leads directly to the saddle. 1 very steep section and one undersnow creek but overall pretty good, gets very slippery late day. To the left of the ...
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July 7, 2024
Lisa on Nares Mountain
Hiking poles found about 2/3 way up Nares July 6, 2024. Post here with a description.
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July 6, 2024
Slim Shady on Slim's River (A'ay Chu) West
We hiked this on the July long weekend. The first creek crossing was easy but the second was quite high. If you find the right section cross, it stays at about knee level. At other areas however it can be closer to your waist. If you download the app Pocket Earth, it shows a good place to cross ...
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July 5, 2024
jdecaron on Golden Horn (Sima)
The major part of this hike is a snowmobile-all-terrain path. It’s wide, muddy, sandy & full of loose rocks. The view is nice at the top but the overall walking experience of the whole trail is bad, just go for an other trail.
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July 2, 2024
Collyn on Samuel Glacier
The creek crossing is about knee height. Had to carry a couple of our dogs over. Currently lots of running streams at the top. We filled up at the last creek crossing and ended dumping it out as less silty water up top. Still some snowy patches. This may change later in the season. Great hike with a...
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