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February 27, 2023
Amber on Spirit Canyon
Snowshoed this February 26th. We broke trail. Import to note that the parking area near the trailhead is now closed, and you have to walk from the lot near the highway. This adds quite a bit of distance to the hike.
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February 22, 2023
Steph on Nares Mountain
Hiked Nares today, made it 2/3 up due to time constraint. Snowshoes were not necessary, but there’s some very small sections where we sank in knee deep (sheltered areas between trees). I definitely recommend gaitors and/or shell pants. I wore soft Neo Overboots, it was quite slippery in those, cau...
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January 7, 2023
Maxime Bachelot - @2MarmosetsAutourDuMonde on Dail Peak
wonderful hike. did it in july 2021 and will not regret the beautiful day all alone with no one around but mountain goats. pretty steep at some stages but definitely worth it.
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October 11, 2022
KKJ on Paint Mountain
Trail is in good condition but recent conditions have made for some slippery sections/ erosion. Trail can be completed in way less time than the estimated four hours but moist conditions require caution.
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October 9, 2022
CM on King's Throne
Did this on Oct 8th during an unusually warm spell this October. Zero snow on the hike up the east ridge, excellent traction since the ground was still damp from melting of recent dustings. Visibility from the top was superb, the Hubbard massif was awesome. No snow at all until the recent (but melti...
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