About Us

Marko and Meghan Marjanovic

We're just a couple who loves to hike, and we have an obsession with documenting hiking routes and finding new ones. We've hiked every single route on this website, often more than once, and sometimes in the winter too. See? Obsessed.

What fuels all this hiking? Homebrew. The perfect ending to a long hike? A hot tub and a homebrew.

We continue to build this website because we want to get you motivated to get out there. The Yukon is awesome. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance in a wild landscape.

Marko and Meghan, just chillin' in front of Mount Logan, Canada's tallest mountain.

Luna the dog

Who are we kidding? Luna drags our butts up most mountains. She's the real boss.

Luna the dog, admiring the view from the top of Brute Mountain. Or just looking for squirrels.