Tutshi Bend Ridge

Distance: 9 km
Elevation Gain: 868 m (2848 ft)
Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Region: Carcross
Date Added: May 17, 2011
Last Update: May 17, 2011

This hike offers sweeping views of Tutshi Lake and the surrounding mountains. There is a lot of steep scree to climb up to the ridge but it is a fun, narrow ridge to walk once on the top. It is a favourite early-season hike as it is south facing with early snow melt. As a bonus watch for Mountain Goats on the ridge.

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Scroll below photos for Driving Directions and Trail Description.


The ridge is dark and rocky with a band of red coloured rocks smeared across both sides of it.

Follow the gravel road for about 1.7 km as it climbs up near the ridge.

Pick your way up the red rocks until you reach the grey vertical rock.

Head laterally across the scree with views of Tutshi Lake below you.

Looking down towards the road and across the valley.

Heading up around the side of the vertical rock to the ridge top.

Looking down the trail from near the top of the ridge with Tutshi Lake in the background.

Walking along the ridge. If snow is still present, watch for any overhanging cornices.

En route to the summit.

The 2200m summit of Paddy Peak as seen from the summit.

Walking back down the ridge with a sweeping view of Tutshi Lake and the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Driving Directions

From Whitehorse, drive south on the Alaska Highway to the Carcross Cutoff. Turn right on the South Klondike Highway and drive to Carcross. From Carcross, continue south on the highway for 38 km. You will reach a rough gravel road on the right side of the highway. Park here. It is just before a creek and gravel pit. The road is on the north side of a creek. If you come to a gravel pit (on the south side of the creek), you have gone too far.

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Trail Description

Note: There is no official name for this mountain.

From the highway, walk up the steep gravel road. There is only one fork in the road. Stay left, although they meet up again very quickly.

After about 1.7 km into the hike, the road comes close to the start of the ridge in front of you and minimizes the bushwhacking required to get to the ridge. Leave the road and head through the trees to the base of the ridge. The bushwhacking is not that bad and very short. Head up the ridge until you get to a large piece of vertical rock. Instead of climbing the rock, head right (northeast) across the steep scree slope in order to come around the other side of the ridge. This is the most difficult part of the trail, but don't be discouraged as it is actually easier coming back down.

After walking on the scree slope for about 300 m, you will notice a route up above you that avoids all the vertical rock. Head straight up and you will come to the top of the ridge.

The route from the top of the ridge to the summit is obvious, but is fairly narrow so be careful if there is still snow on top. From the ridge, you get a great view of the surrounding area and a closer view of Paddy Peak to the west (your left). Follow the same route down.