Three Guardsmen

Distance: 7 km
Elevation Gain: 780 m (2559 ft)
Time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Region: Haines Pass
Date Added: November 12, 2013
Last Update: November 12, 2013
Winter: alpine skiing snowshoeing 

Three Guardsmen Mountain is a beautiful and challenging hike in the Haines Pass Area with stunning views across to the mountains of the Tatshenshini-Alsek Park. The highest of the rocky spires of Three Guardsmen Mountain is called Glave Peak. The route follows an old exploration road for the first few kilometers, and then takes a steeper, more direct approach to gain the ridge. This route currently ends at the beginning of the main rocky ridge. It is possible to follow the ridge if you want a longer hike and fun scramble.

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Scroll below photos for Driving Directions and Trail Description.


The route starts along an easy-to-follow exploration road for the first 2.5 km.

After leaving the road, head directly east and up to the start of the rocky ridge.


Following the road in the early-winter.

Heading up to the ridge, after leaving the road.

Reaching the start of the rocky ridge, and looking towards Glave Peak.

The rocky spire of Glave Peak.

The view south to the cirque and beyond, where the exploration road eventually ends.

Descending from the rocky ridge.

Following the route back down to reach the road.

The home stretch.

Driving Directions

From Haines Junction, drive south on the Haines Highway towards BC and Alaska for 154 km. Just past the Three Guardsmen Lake (on the left), find a suitable spot on the highway shoulder to park. This hike is in BC.

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Trail Description

The summer and winter route is roughly the same. From the highway, you will have to drop down to a somewhat marshy area to get onto the exploration road. Pick your way across the wet area, by simply staying on top of rocks and grassy mounds until you reach the road. You may have to move through a few bushes, but it is very minimal.

Follow the road as it switchbacks up the hillside. After about 2.5 km, you will need to leave the road and head up to the ridge. The road continues for another 5 km to an alpine cirque, which is another option if you want a less steep, alternate hike.

Choose your way up the slope to reach the southern end of the ridge. The views are beautiful along the entire route, and get better and better as you gain elevation. This route description ends at the beginning of the main rocky ridge, which leads to Glave Peak. It is possible to continue along the ridge, but it becomes more challenging and technical as you reach the rocky spires. Add additional time and distance if you continue on the ridge.