Talus Lake

Distance: 6 km
Elevation Gain: 133 m (436 ft)
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Region: Tombstone
Date Added: November 16, 2012
Last Update: November 16, 2012

A trip to Grizzly and Divide lake is not complete without making it to Talus Lake as well. At Talus Lake you will finally get to admire the view of the iconic Tombstone Mountain as well as another side of Mount Monolith. The route described here starts from the Divide Lake campground with a gradual ascent over Tombstone Pass with stunning views of the Cloudy and Tombstone ranges on opposite sides of the valley. This hike can be completed as a day hike from Divide Lake if you're tired of carrying a heavy pack.

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Driving Directions

This hike starts from the Divide Lake campground.

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Trail Description

Note: The distances and times noted here are one way.

From the campground, head west following the trail to the end of the tent pads. The trail continues above the lake and up to a small pass (Tombstone Pass elevation 1542 m).

There is a relatively well marked trail with cairns most of the way, but it does disappear at some points along the way. Keep to the left of the small lake after the pass and continue along the left edge of the valley. Yellow flagging markers appear when you get closer to the campground.

There are many beautiful alpine cirques with picturesque lakes along the way which you can explore. And as you get closer and closer to the lake, the view of Tombstone Mountain gets better and better.

After 6.2 km you will reach Talus Lake. The campground has the same facilities as Grizzly and Divide lake, with ten tent pads, an outhouse, a cooking shelter, grey water barrel and bear proof lockers for food. There are many options for exploring once settled at the campground. All campers are required to register and pick up a permit from the Tombstone Park Interpretive Centre. Registration can be done online through the parks website or in person at the centre.


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Andreas Lazda
August 15, 2015

Did this as a day hike from Divide Lake on July 27, 2015. It started as a very rainy day (having had a thunder&hail storm the night before!) and didn't really clear up until after we were already on oru way back to Divide - but still got some partial views of the section of Mt Monolith around Talus Lake and the adjacent valley (bought a copy of the poster on display at the Information Centre as a compromise :)

On the way back to Divide Lake, rather than descending to the Divide campsite right away, instead climbed up to the ridge of visible across from it. Got some great views of the surroundings, before heading back to camp. Very easy, with minimal bushwacking through a slightly wet section in the valley bottom. Managed to get back just as the next rain shower started!