Tally-Ho Mountain

Distance: 20 km
Elevation Gain: 900 m (2953 ft)
Time: 7 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Region: Annie Lake
Date Added: August 2, 2008
Last Update: June 10, 2017
Winter: ski touring snowshoeing 

While on top of Tally-Ho mountain, you get a fantastic view down the Wheaton River Valley. The ridge around the summit is completely open alpine which makes exploring easy. It is also prime habitat for caribou, which can often be seen near the summit. The route follows an ATV trail for a lot of the way.

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Scroll below photos for Driving Directions and Trail Description.


The trail/road follows along Partridge Creek.

After the trail turns off from the road, its a steep ascent to the summit.

Mountain vista from the top.

Ptarmigan running around the summit.

A caribou beating us to the summit marker.

Rocking the summit after the caribou had finished.

Descending onto the open alpine ridge.

Checking out the beautiful view of Wheaton River valley.

The Wheaton River valley and Annie Lake road.

Driving Directions

From Whitehorse, drive south on the Alaska Highway to the Carcross Cutoff and turn right onto the South Klondike Highway. Drive south for about 17 km and turn right onto the Annie Lake Road. After 26 km on the Annie Lake Road, you will cross a bridge over the Wheaton River. Around 7.9 km after the bridge, you will reach a large pullout on the left in a gravel pit with a rougher ATV road leading into the forest. This is the trailhead. Note there is a similar looking pullout with an ATV trail about 4 km after the bridge as well, but make sure you keep going to the second one on the left at 7.9 km after the bridge.

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Trail Description

From the parking area follow the ATV road that leads southeast into the forest. This road basically takes you into the subalpine after about 8 km.

After 1 km from the trailhead you will reach a fork in the road. The right side ascends and the left side descends slightly - follow the left fork. There is a creek crossing shortly after the fork. Earlier in the season (May - June) the water can be just below your knees so you may want to bring some light creek crossing shoes.

The route continues on the road heading southeast through mostly dry, lichen covered pine forests, following along the north side of the Partridge Creek Valley. The elevation gain is gradual for the most part with many nice flat sections. There are some nice lookouts along the way, including the first view of the Montana Mountain Massif near Carcross, after about 5.5 km (this is a good turn around spot if you are looking for a shorter day hike). The road eventually curves to the northeast heading into the subalpine.

After a total of about 8 kms (from the trailhead) you will leave the road and turn left, straight up the steep ridge. There is no trail to the top from here, but it is mostly alpine so you can pick your own way up. You will reach a high plateau with great views once at the top. Continue following the ridge to the summit. Watch out for caribou, hidden behind the rocks! Return the way you came up.