Rock Glacier

Total Distance: 2 km
Return Time: 1.5 hours
Elevation Gain: 176 m
Difficulty: Easy
Region: Kluane
Traditional Territory: CAFN

This is one of the easiest trails in Kluane National Park making it fun for the whole family with interpretive signage and a benched viewing area near the top. The views of Dezadeash Lake and surrounding mountains are beautiful.

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Driving Directions

Drive south on the Haines Road from Haines Junction for 44 km. Watch for the trail sign and a large parking area on the right. There is signage at the trailhead.

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Route Description

Follow the trail through the forest. The trail at the start is a mix of well-maintained dirt and wooden boardwalks, and there is barely any elevation gain.

After a short while the trail heads up some stairs/ramp to get to the start of the 'rock glacier'. As you would expect, once on the Rock Glacier the trail is rocky. As per the Parks Canada signage at the trailhead, here's where the proper hiking footwear comes in handy. While the trail is relatively easy to follow, you still need to be paying attention as the route is either delineated with larger rocks on the sides, rock slab stairs, and cairns.

After a little bit of elevation gain, and 600 m from the trailhead, you'll come to a beautiful rock enclave with benches with great views of Dezadeash Lake. The trail continues up the rock glacier from there for another 500 m. As you gain elevation the views get even better and you also have more chances to see or hear the elusive Pika along with other wildlife. The trail ends near the toe of another steeper rock glacier coming down from the peaks of the Dalton Range above. Turn around and head back the same way.

Route Photos

There are wooden boardwalks along the way.

The trail is well maintained through the forest.

The viewing area has many benches to soak in the views of Dezadeash Lake.

The views of the lake get better and better as you head up past the viewing area.

The Rock Glacier Trail is especially beautiful in the fall.

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Route Comments

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Aaron Weber July 1, 2024
Did this hike June 25. Great little hike, about a half hour trip. Amazing views of Dezadeash Lake and an excellent spot to eat lunch.

Christine July 29, 2023
Did this hike July 2023. Contrary to what the description says, only the initial few minutes on the boardwalk is extremely easy and open to family. The actual "trail" starts at the top of a set of stairs- from there, you are climbing up a rocky trail the entire time. Can be hard to see at times as the rock trail easily blends in with the rest of the rocks, especially as you get closer to the top. If you don't like scree or scrambling at times, this trail is not for you. Other than a nice view of D. Lake, the summit is just the base of another rock glacier so nothing impressive. This is my least favorite hike so far.

JWY May 14, 2022
We hiked Rock Glacier on May 11th. There was minimal snow, and the trail was largely quite easy to traverse!

Chillhiker July 27, 2021
We went here today. And the trail is open. Its up past the end of the trail but its a lot of scrambling.

Brooke July 21, 2021
I tried to hike this trail today, but it’s closed due to some parts of the trail/boardwalk collapsing. There were Parks Canada staff working on the trail. Hope this tidbit helps someone to pick a different trail before they get their heart set on this one! Can check with the visitor centre or to see when it’s fixed & open

Matt French October 11, 2020
Oct. 10, 2020 - Hiked this trail with a friend. Very easy, with many great views. Suitable for all ages and all skill levels. We had sunshine and little wind, which made for leisurely exploring and photography. As such, I cannot speak to the actual hiking time, but the info provided by this website has proven very accurate - as to the trail description - so I imagine their times given are such, as well!